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Nested searches with Followthehashtag

With Followthehashtag you can perform nested searches, that is to say, use parentheses and common Twitter search operators to make even more complex searches than the ones based in simple queries or advanced search feature. Let see some samples to understand it.

good AND ( girl OR boy )

Will return tweets containing any of these keywords/keyphrases :

  • good girl
  • good boy


( good OR bad ) AND ( girl OR boy )

Any of these keywords/keyphrases :

  • good girl
  • good boy
  • bad girl
  • bad boy


( USA OR “North America” ) AND ( hotel OR resort) ) – lang:en

Any of these keywords/keyphrases excluding any tweet written in english :

  • USA hotel
  • North America hotel
  • USA resort
  • North America resort
  • - lang:en exclude ( – operator) tweets written in english


We can use more than one parenthesis to get more accurated results

“You are a” AND (( good OR bad ) AND ( girl OR boy ))

To get these keywords/keyphrases:

  • “you are a” good girl
  • “you are a” good boy
  • “you are a” bad girl
  • “you are a” bad boy

Note that keywords quoted are literal searches and keywords without quote could be placed separated or together in any position of the tweet.


Why are nested searches q useful?

Nested  q are useful in a wide range of complex searches like:

  • Same queries mentioning different places: “flying to” AND ( Spain OR France OR Italy ) 
  • Synonyms:  (fabulous OR wonderful OR fantastic OR astonishing) AND (phone OR cell phone OR mobile phone)   
  • Different moods about a topic: (love OR like OR hate OR dislike) AND dogs
  • Linguistic variations related to the same topic: (“i like” OR “me gusta” OR “ich mag” OR “J’aime”) AND Followthehashtag
  • Multiply lists of keywords, etc.

. .

Allowed operators between parenthesis

Between parenthesis you can use this advanced search operators

  • AND
  • OR
  • - (substract)


How many operators can be used?

Twitter recommends to use no more than 8 / 10 operators per search, we know that this is not a real limit and depends on many factors. If you try searching with too many operators Followthehashtag will get no results.



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If you’d like further information or if you have any questions regarding Followthehashtag, check out our user documentation.