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Hidden Twitter search operators. Extra power to Followthehashtag


Followthehashtag uses Twitter search engine* to get data. This means that Followthehashtag will accept almost every twitter search operator, even the hidden ones.

Twitter advanced search allows users tu use some amazing features. We have implemented it on Followthehashtag advanced search, but you can type it directly in our search box and in combination with other operators.

Public Twitter search operators

Probably you know how to use twitter advanced search operators, at least some of them, like “literal search”. Take a look at this list of public twitter search operators.


twitter search operators

All this operators could be useful in different situations. Followthehashtag will accept almost all of them, except near: , in exchange we use geocode:long,lat,radius km/mi. 


Hidden Twitter search operators

Search operators are cool, but nothing new here… What about hidden stuff?

During the development process of Followthehashtag we have learned from many different sources, some interesting advanced twitter search operators that can be used in FTH. Some of them are really useful, others are “search fine tune” parameters that will be needed to be used only by advanced FTH / Twitter users.


You can use “filter” twitter hidden search operator to get different results

  • Filter:replies
    Filtering by replies will return Tweets that are only replies from a user to another one. You can use it to search within conversations or even, maybe more useful, to exclude them. (-filter:replies )
  • Filter:images
    Filtering by images will force Followthehashtag to return only Tweets with an embed image.
  • Filter:videos
    Filtering by videos will force Followthehashtag to return only Tweets with an embed video.
  • Filter:news
    The same as images, but including only Tweets with news linked in.
  • Filter: Links
    The same as news, but including only Tweets containing a link.


Include/Exclude retweets:

You can use “Include:retweets” twitter hidden search operator to get (and “exlude” with opposite results)

  • filter:nativeretweets
    You will get only retweets.
  • -filter:nativeretweets is useful to exclude tweets that are retweets and get only original content.



You can get tweets with a minimum number of likes or retweets

  • min_retweets:number
  • min_faves:number
  • Sample:followthehashtag min_retweets:3


Combining advanced twitter search operators

It is possible to combine multiple search operators to get precise results about your research. Some advanced search operators combination examples:

from:username filter:replies

You will get only tweets from a user that are replies to other users.


from:username -filter:replies

You will get only tweets from a user that are not (- operator excludes) replies to other users.


keyword filter:images geocode:40.4167754,-3.7037901999999576,10ml 

You will get tweets containing a “keyword” , with an embed image and located in Madrdid (the numbers are coordinates of Madrid) within a radius of 10 miles.

keyword OR keyword2 -keyword3 filter:images geocode:40.4167754,-3.7037901999999576,10ml

You will get tweets containing a “keyword” OR “keyword2″ excluding (-) “keyword3″ , with an embed image and located in Madrdid within a radius of 10 miles

Note that some operators can be used many times, like OR, and other ones can be used only once per search, like “geocode.

Try advanced twitter search operators in followthehashtag



* Followthehashtag connects with twitter, like almost every other twitter based service, using Twitter API


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