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Finding twitter influencers related to a topic

Finding influercers or relevant users related to a topic is a hard task for social media managers. Followthehashtag can be very helpful to find them and use the information to build your blogger relations or online public relations campaigns. How do I find influencers related to a topic using Followthehashtag? Finding influencers related to a topic is very easy with Followthehashtag, as easy as making a search that includes the terms on which influential users you want to find and Followthehashtag will detect the top 10 influencers in various categories: Influence, Keyword Score, Followers, Following and Follower/Following Ratio.

First example: Finding influencers related to “Bitcoin” topic

1º Type Bitcoin in searchbox and make a search. Bitcoin Twitter


2º After getting Dashboard results click on “influence” section in left menu. Influence   3º Scroll down to “Top influencers” list and use select box to filter results by Influence, Keyword Score, Followers, Following and Follower/Following Ratio. Twitter influencers detection

Second example: Finding influencers related to “Bitcoin” topic in an specific geographic area

The only difference in this case is the first step, you must use Advanced Search feature filter by geolocation. So you must, first, type Bitcoin (or any topic you want) and after that deploy the advanced Search box and add whatever location you want, in this case New York, and a search radius, in our example search query is like this one.

Bitcoin geocode:40.7127837,-74.00594130000002,100km

Captura de pantalla 2014-09-12 a la(s) 12.33.04

Finding influencers in a specific location

Using again advanced search you can select an area without any related term, so if you want to search influencers in New York, like previous example, the query must be


If you don´t apply any other filter, just location, you will get 1,500 tweets from the last seconds. Be aware that you will discover influent users in that moment, so try to put a “searchbot”, limit radius of search or filter with some keywords, language or whatever you want.


This feature is very useful for Blogger Relations and Public Relations campaign investigations. Obviously, geolocation filter is very useful to find influencers in only one country or city instead worldwide. All scores are related to current search. 

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If you’d like further information or if you have any questions regarding Followthehashtag, check out our user documentation.