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Twitter contributors geo coverage

Discover where content is really relevant, even with few tweets

The feature Geo Coverage is made to understand where content is really relevant regardless the total number of tweets in a geo zone.

Imagine that you make a search that gives you back 1,000 tweets in China and 500 in Spain. In total numbers China is where searched keyword looks like to be more relevant, but this is not really true. In China there are about 1,500 million people, in Spain only 45. So the relative interest of the keyword is higher in Spain than in China.

In this section followthehashtag compares the total amount of tweets with the total population of a given geographic area and extracts what we call “relative interest”, based in total contributors per million inhabitants in a given area.




  • Relative interest is graded from 0 to 100, where 0 is no interest at all and 100 is maximum interest.
  • Relative interest measures total contributors per million inhabitants.
  • Contributors per million: Shows how many contributors tweeted analyzed keyword per million inhabitants of the country / area.
  • You can sort data by clicking on the name of the column you want to use for.




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