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Dashboard Section: 

  • Total tweets: Total tweets in measured date range.
  • Total impressions: Total potential tweet impressions in followers timelines. Result of multiplying each contributor keyword repetitions and it´s followers number and adding all contributors potential impressions.
  • Total audience: Total potential audience, result of adding each contributor followers number.
  • Impressions / Audience: Impressions per user of a tweet with searched keyword.
  • Contributors: Amount of people who have tweeted the searched keyword.
  • Tweets/Contributor: Average number of tweets per contributor.
  • Measured time: Amount of time measured for the current search.
  • Frequency: The amount of tweets emitted per second/minute/hour/day.


Influence section:

  • Average contributor followers: Average number of contributor followers.
  • Contributor follower median: Median of contributor followers.
  • Average contributor followers: Average number of contributor followings.
  • Contributor follower median: Median of contributor followings.

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