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Filter your searches by date

After making a search in FTH maybe you could need to redefine the “from and to” dates. You can do it simply in date range picker, in the right top of the app. Just click it and define date range.


Followthehashtag daterange


It is important to know that the date range picker filters search results, but it doesn´t ask for twitter info, so if you select, for example, from 2011 to “today” FTH won´t search tweets from 2011 until today


  • From: Select “from” date and hour
  • To: Select “to” date and hour
  • All available data: Will show all the stored data
  • Range locked: it will lock the date range for future searches
  • Apply / Cancel: will apply selected date ranges or cancel selection


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If you’d like further information or if you have any questions regarding Followthehashtag, check out our user documentation.