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Export data to an Excel Spreadsheet

Export to excel

Exporting to Excel Spreadsheet twitter data is easy, just click on “export” green button and you will get all the needed data to build your own charts and analysis. Export to excel feature includes even more data than you can see in the app (for example, you will get Top 100´s instead Top 10´s).


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Export to excel feature will export twitter data showed in each section, so if you want to export to excel influence or content related data you have to perform an exportation in each content and influence tabs individually.

Export to excel feature is intended to make your own Followthehashtag white label based report templates. We will maintain the Excel file format (as far as we can) to avoid time-to-time template changes.


What info is contained in Followthehashtag excel files?


Depending on from which section you perform the exportation you will get different data, most complete exportation is made from Dashboard section, each sheet has different data columns.

  • Summary
  • Top Tweets (by RTs, favs, etc)
  • Top users (by Followers, following, etc)
  • Gender
  • Reach
  • Blob Chart data
  • Geolocation tops
  • Stream: Under stream you will find every tweet info, timecode, user, tweet content, longitude and latitude coords, country and place (as it appears on bio)

Content section

  • Summary
  • Type of activity timeline
  • Word coud top 100
  • Aggregated key repeats
  • Best hour of day
  • Best day of week
  • Top hashtags
  • Top symbols
  • Pictures
  • Links

Influence  section

  • Summary
  • Followers between
  • User by keywords repeats
  • Influence score evolution
  • Top users by influence score
  • Top users by keyword score


Remember: The info is distributed in different sheets into the excel file.


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If you’d like further information or if you have any questions regarding Followthehashtag, check out our user documentation.