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Geodata, heatmap, and language

Geo data is important, get different charts and language info

In Geo and Heatmap sections you will get different ways to see geo and language related data.

  • Satellite heat map: Shows tweets in a heat map over a satellite view.
  • Google Maps heat map: Shows tweets in a heat map over a google maps view.
  • Blob google maps chart: Shows tweets in a blob chart.
  • Country google maps chart: Shows tweets per country.


You can choose gradient type y heat map


Heat Map Gradient selection


Twitter geodata



  • Language: Top languages
  • Relative interest: Compares total tweets in a given language with total world speakers of the language. Results are processed in contributors per million language speakers and graded from 0 (minimum interest) to 100 (maximum interest)




  • Top countries and cities: No explanation needed :)





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