Export to Excel

Export to excel
Exporting to Excel Spreadsheet twitter data is easy, just click on “export” green button and you will get all the needed …
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Keyword Tracking

Track twitter keywords
Twitter API limits the obtained results to 1,500 tweets or to last 7 days. So if you want to get more data you will need to activate a …
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Gender Analysis

Using different algorithms we analyze twitter contributors gender and percentage of males and females. Not all users are tagged as male …
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Word cloud

Discover most popular concepts in seconds with a standard word cloud. You must be aware that we remove searched keywords to represent …
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Each feature has its own statistical data     Dashboard Section:  Total tweets: Total tweets in measured date range. Total …
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Type of activity

Are they original tweets, RTs, replies, or links and pics? We have two different charts to analyze the type of activity composition. …
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Select date range

Followthehashtag Feature daterange
After making a search in FTH maybe you could need to redefine the "from and to" dates, you can do it simply in date range picker, in …
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Blob Chart

Blob Chart
Analyze individually each user and get the basic data and tweets content simply with a rollover or click action. X axis: represents …
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How many tweets about a keyword people make?, maybe someone is spamming? Blue represents one tweet Red represents more than 9 tweets
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Reach / Repeats

Reach / Repeats
  Track the evolution of reach and repetitions of a keyword. X axis: represents time Y axis: represents repetitions (blue) and …
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Time & Day

Time slot and day of the week analysis. Discover the top hour and day for an specific keyword or content. Best Hour chart is related to …
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Stream analysis

Read the last 1,500 tweets in a conventional twitter timeline Click a blob in “blob chart” and in this area you will read …
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Features coming soon

We are constantly evolving FTH with one objetive: to be an useful application to all of you, dada analysts, social media managers, scientists and any other who need it.

Sentiment analysis

Are tweets positive, negative or neutral?. We are currently developing a natural language tweet sentiment analysis intended to work "almost in any language".

Comparative search

Compare multiple keywords to get better insights.

Deep Search

Don´t limit your research to just 1.500 tweets, get all available data from 2006 and don´t miss any important tweet

DONE! - Content analysis

Deep analysis of content, kind of content, images and links, top keywords, best day of week and best hour of day, and much more.

Any questions?

If you’d like further information or if you have any questions regarding Followthehashtag, check out our user documentation.

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