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Export to Excel

Export to excel
Exporting to Excel Spreadsheet twitter data is easy, just click in “export” green button and you will get all the needed …
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Track twitter keywords
Twitter API limits the obtained results to 1.500 tweets or to last 7 days. So if you want to get more data you will need to activate a …
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Geolocation (beta)

Geo Chart
Get twitter users geolocation, we analyze where the tweets come and plot it on a map. Its hard to geotag thousands of tweets in …
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Gender Analysis

Using different algorithms we analyze twitter contributors gender and percentage of males and females. Not all users are tagged as male …
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Who is using Followthehashtag?

Here is a small sample of companies and institutions that are currently using FTH, we know it because we analyze "connection network" sources and/or account names logged in.

Red Bull
20th Century Fox
Oxford University
NY University
Thomson Reuters
Burger King
European Comission
Loreal Paris

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